Square Enix Screenshot Blowout


posted 10/8/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Remember Front Mission? It was one of Square's earliest PSOne games and allowed you to control a squad of high powered mechs. Taking an approach that has been made very popular by the Final Fantasy Tactics line of games, Front Mission was a strategic combat game that relied more on sound combat tactics than sheer brute force. Now Square is releasing the original Front Mission on the PS2 as well as an all-new sequel.

Front Mission 1st seems to be a direct port of the PSOne classic although it may come with a few visual enhancements a la Final Fantasy Origins. Front Mission 4, the all-new title, seems to be up to snuff with what we have come to expect visually out of our PS2 titles. From the early screenshots it appears that the game will retain the same style of gameplay from the other titles in the series while providing a significant graphical boost.
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