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posted 10/8/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Square confirmed what we all knew in our hearts, that it was developing a sequel for Kingdom Hearts, one of the best action RPGs ever to have been made. Combining Disney and Square properties, it was one of the best crossover games to have ever been created. Apparently enough people dug it to warrant a sequel and here it is, Kingdom Hearts II, a game that allows you to play as Sora and the crew.

Again not too many details were disclosed on this highly anticipated title although it seems to have a more decidedly dark approach than the lighthearted original. Sora now runs around in a black getup as opposed to his good-natured white costume and his facial expressions seem to convey anger and hatred. We've been told that the primary cast will be making a return as will most of the secondary players. We're not sure if this includes the excellent voice actors of the original although that's almost a given.

We've also included screenshots of the GBA game, Chain of Memories. Very little is known about this title as well although it seems to follow the some of the plot elements of the PS2 title. As always we'll have more information on these titles as it becomes available.
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