Square Enix Screenshot Blowout


posted 10/8/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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You knew that sooner or later that Square Enix would blow the lid off of the gaming scene. It had been too long since the company had generated any hype and speculation was running rampant about the company's secrets. Well this year the perennial giant came clean at the Tokyo Game Show 2003 and showed off an impressive lineup that dazzled and wowed all of those in attendance.

Since we're based out of the 'States we weren't able to attend the show firsthand. Luckily our friends at Square Enix decided to send over some complimentary screen shots for your viewing pleasures. No scans here folks, these are the geniune article and they're here for you to drool on.

We're starting things off here with a huge bang. All of you have professed your love for Final Fantasy VII, even going so far as to clamor for a direct sequel based on the same storyline. Well Square is giving you the next best thing, a completely CGI movie that takes place a few years after the events of the video game. We have received very little information about the actual storyline but from the images below we've been able to deduce that Cloud will play the central role in the flick. We've also received a few images containing Sephiroth as well. Whether this means that he's also in the flick or if he's a facet of Cloud's imagination is yet to be known.
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