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posted 11/1/2010 by Chad Smith
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Additionally, the targeting system in the game is problematic.  It’s smart to attempt to allow Spider-man to web-sling to most ledges and areas; he should have such freedom.  That inherently creates problems when the game automatically tries to figure out exactly where you want to go and sends you off to the wrong perch.  While sometimes helpful, the controls tend to try to hard at anticipating your next move and can be frustrating.  It’s often exacerbated by a wildly uncontrollable camera when Spider-man is crawling on the wall.  In such instances, it’s difficult to direct him into one direction or to even jump or walk off of the wall.

In addition to finding the missing fragments, there are many challenges in each level to complete (a total of 180 in the game), eight hidden spiders to uncover, and spider coins to collect.  All of these plus each fallen enemy adds to your spider essence - basically the experience points for your character.  The more challenges you complete, the more character upgrades (like increased health and alternate costumes) and combat moves you can unlock.  A “Web of Destiny” screen keeps track of all of your accomplished and unfinished challenges to the delight of those who like to fully complete their games.

All of the brawling sections can become bothersome, because enemies like to interrupt your combos with a weak shot.  That’s another reason why you’ll want to pay attention to unlocking more powerful combat options.  A greater variety of moves will help dispatch enemies quicker and have them flying all over the place, although sometimes unintentionally.  In fact, I noticed numerous occasions where enemies (or Spider-man) would float straight up into the air after being hit.  Or you might notice a certain boss picking up an invisible item to launch at you.  The few bugs are visible but infrequent and rarely interfere with the actual gameplay.

The last main thing to talk about is the wonderful voice acting and in-game cut scenes.  The game has a definite comic book charm, from the over the top evil strain in the enemies’ voices down to the lame joke wielding web-head.  Each Spider-man is voiced by a different actor (including Neil Patrick Harris) but they all do an exceptional job of delivering their lines.  The dialogue and audio pulled all of the visuals together for an entertaining treat.

Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions is a delightful game that I am glad to have played.  It has considerable substance with a wide variety of environments, encounters and bosses to fight. It does become a little repetitive, contains a few bugs (other than Spider-man!), and have some controls issues.  However, the overall experience is not to be missed by any action fan, especially those that love superheroes. 

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

There are some control and camera problems that occasionally pop up, but they don’t spoil the overall experience. The levels are huge and diverse, the boss encounters are imaginative and larger-than-life, and the presentation is solid. I had a blast and don’t see a reason why anyone would want to miss it.

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