Sony 2006 E3 Press conference notes


posted 5/10/2006 by Charles Husemann
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First party titles of note:

Grand Turismo 4:HD – a nice demonstration of running an old game in super high definition (1920 X 1080P) but other than the new interface screens I wasn’t really that impressed with the demonstration that much. 

Gengi II – Looks good if you are into that type of game but not something that was really earthshaking in its “next generationess”.  Apparently lots of crab monsters in feudal Japan.

Heavenly Sword – Hey look, Kratos now has long red hair and breasts.  I kid, I kid as this was one of the best looking games they showed.

Afrika – Lots of decent graphics but what about the game play?

Eight days – Reminded me a bit of the Killzone 2 footage from last year.  If they can deliver anything close to this it should be pretty good. 

Untitled Naughty Dog game – Looks like a Tomb Raider/Far Cry crossover kind of game.  I mean that in the best possible way as this game actually looked really good and what they showed seemed a lot closer to actual game play than Eight Days.

Resistance: Fall of Man - Alternative history FPS game where Earth was invaded prior to WWII and you are tasked with saving England from the unknown invaders.  Kind of a generic looking FPS with some cool weapons.  Will feature 32 player multiplayer though so could be kind of cool if implemented well.  Fan boys might start calling this the Halo killer but I wouldn’t believe them.


Third Party titles of note:

Sony showed several trailers of game footage from various third party games under development.  The ones that stood out to me were Assassins Creeds Ridge Racer, Armored Core 4, and Metal Gear Solid 4. 

EA battled cleanup for the third party developers and actually showed off some interesting details.  Their new technologies for player movement, awareness, and foot planting should really help move their sports games forward as players will not actually glide in place in more when turning but will actually move realistically and react better to the game situations they are in. 

It’s not all about movement as EA also showed off their new UCAP capturing system which creates helps create awesomely good looking character models, almost to the scary/creep levels of detail.  The virtual Tiger Woods they showed off was really impressive with an amazing amount of detail in the character model.  Not just in terms of the model itself but in the level of emotion that the model showed.  I’m interested to see if they use any of this technology in any of their other games as I could see bringing in real life actors to help with them with the creation of digital characters for other games.

What’s interesting about the EA discussion is that none of these items are necessarily exclusive to the PS3 and could be used to develop games for the Xbox 360 or the Wii. 


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