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The TMD also has some offensive capabilities as you can use it to age enemies (killing them with a nice Ark of the Covenant effect), you can generate force waves which knock enemies back (and disintegrate enemies that are right in front of you), and you can also use the TMD to convert enemies into mutants who attack everything in sight.

In addition to the TMD you have your standard shooter arsenal of pistol, sniper rifle, shotgun, machine gun, chain gun, and a few E99 special weapons, including a grenade launcher that allows you to steer the grenades along the floor (which is terribly entertaining). You can only carry two of the weapons at a time, but you can swap weapons at weapons lockers or whatever weapons you pick off the corpses of your enemies.

You can upgrade the capacity, reload speed, and damage the weapons do at the weapons lockers, but honestly once you get the chain gun you really won’t use any of the other weapons. There’s plenty of ammo to be found in the game and I only ran out of ammo a few times playing it on the Normal difficulty level.

The powers of the TMD can also be upgraded over time as you can extend the range of the push, increase the max power of the device, and a few other features. You can also upgrade some of your hero attributes like max health and running distance.

The currency for both of these upgrades is bits of E99 that you find lying around the game. The catch is that there isn’t enough E99 to upgrade everything, so you’ll have to figure out how you want to play the game and go from there. There is some replayability in that you could go back and play through the game with different upgrades but I’m not sure that really makes that much of a difference.

The game has a few multiplayer modes if you’re into that kind of thing but it’s nothing that I spent a lot of time with.

The game does suffer from a few PC specific issues, all of which can be traced to the use of the Unreal Engine III. The biggest issue is the constant texture pop in the game. At first it wasn’t too bad as there was merely the odd door or crate but towards the end of the game I found a room full of untextured items (this has since been fixed in a patch). I would guess that the console versions of the game don’t suffer as much from this problem but it was distracting in the PC version.
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