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posted 11/17/2010 by Angela Keener
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Like other titles in the Sing It family, there is some vocal training available from a Disney star. For Family Hits, Anika Noni Rose from The Princess and the Frog is your vocal coach is a nice add-in for the little ones (and some adults) that haven’t been exposed to the Sing It franchise and some of the older songs. My daughter was not only able to improve her signing after using the vocal trainer, but also had her confidence built up in order to sing louder and with more enthusiasm. As a player and a parent, I appreciate Disney including this feature, as it does help the little ones get better and remove some of the frustration involved with improving at a game.

In any karaoke or singing game, you have to have a microphone and like all the bundled Sing It titles, Disney Sing It: Family Hits comes included with a standard USB mic. It is almost identical to previous Sing It microphones, although it does appear that the inline capacitor has been reduced in size. One thing that hasn’t changed is the overall performance, which can be inconsistent, as it appears to be overly-sensitive at times while in other instances it barely picks up your voice. Positioning is the key to getting decent sound, which I was able to find after having the mic essentially touching my lower lip to get the maximum voice pick-up. I was finding that the any other position caused the inconsistencies I mentioned above with its performance. Despite the adequate performance of the included mic, it does work well at picking up your voice when you find your best position to hold it at.

Overall, I think Disney Sing It: Family Hits is a great game to bring different generations of friends and family to the microphone together. While there could have been a few less obscure songs (especially in lieu of no DLC being available) and the microphone could someday use an upgrade, the game is still very fun to play and the kids don’t really seem to care about anything other than having a good time. And frankly, that is what the game is about, bringing out the fun in kids of all ages. In this regard, Disney Sing It: Family Hits succeeds, but could use just a bit more polish around the edges.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

Disney Sing It: Family Hits is a great game to play with your children or friends and provides a little something for players of all ages. While the game has some opportunities for improvement, it creates a fun gaming atmosphere and offers some of the best behind-the-scenes visuals of any signing game.

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