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posted 4/13/2007 by Charles Husemann
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The Shrek games are some of the few movie-tie in games that aren’t as bad as the movie game stereotype. With a third movie headed into stores you know that a new game wasn’t far behind. We had the chance to talk to the associate producer of the game to see what we can expect from the upcoming game.
Can you introduce yourself and describe your role on the project? How long have you been in the gaming industry and what drew you to your current position?
I’m Kelly Lee-Creel, and I’m an Associate Producers on Shrek The Third. I’ve been in the production department at Activision since 2003 when I transferred from a different part of the company. I have always been a huge fan of these types of games and really love working on the DreamWorks properties. This is my fifth DreamWorks based game – and probably my favorite.
Movie tie-in games do not have the best reputation, what are you doing to make sure Shrek the Third doesn’t fall into that trap?
Luckily, I don’t think any of the Shrek tie-in games have fallen into that trap.  Shrek 2 was the best-selling kids’ game of 2004 and Shrek the Third is trying to replicate that magic and bring a high quality and entertaining game to the market.
How involved was the movie team in the development of the game? Did you have access to any of the computer models or assets from the movie?
DreamWorks was highly involved in the process, giving the Shrek the Third game team access to anything that would assist in making the game look and feel true to the movie. The game really is a way to further explore the characters and world created by DreamWorks and a great relationship with the company really made our game possible.
How much of the game is from the movie and how much did you have to develop on your own?
The game closely follows the plot of the movie and it takes some liberties in exploring locations and plot twists not seen in the movie. The game is really a way for the public to live the adventure of the movie and go beyond it.
Will the different versions of the game have the same content or will the different versions have different features? Why isn’t there a PLAYSTATION 3 version of the game?
All the console games are pretty similar in content and were designed and created with each individual system in mind. The games really take advantage of the individual features of each console. The controls of the Wii version are completely motion based, so the user is right in the action of the game. The Xbox 360 version of the game has numerous Achievements, adding additional challenges not seen in the other platforms. Also, the GBA and NDS versions of the game are completely different in both story and gameplay. For instance, Shrek the Third for the Nintendo DS is the first ever wireless cooperative multiplayer game on the platform allowing players to play together (not against each other like most multiplayer games) through the entire game.
The reason a PS3 version of the game was not created is becauseour target audience is 8-12. We decided it would be best to develop our game for the platforms our target audience mostly own. That is also why we wanted to make sure to develop a GBA version of the game.
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