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posted 9/17/2010 by Dave Gamble
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At the end of the day, I find that I’m having a hard time categorizing Extremes and, as such, having an equally hard time determining its intended audience. The goal with the Extremes title seems to be to make a hard core simulator more exciting to the casual player. The problem with that is that even as a novice I don’t think Extremes is a hard core simulator. The depth of interaction with the boats/ships is pretty simplistic. When I ask myself whether or not I would purchase a 320 Euro controller for it, I have to say no. As any pilot can tell you, learning how to fly an airplane is easy. The challenge comes from managing the navigational systems, dealing with weather that can swat you down like a fly or blind you to a majestic and extremely hard mountain 100 feet in front of your speeding plane, managing fuel, passenger, and cargo loads, and reacting appropriately to emergencies. Ship Simulator does none of this.

If instead the target audience is the casual gamer in search of exciting missions, well, there’s not much of that either. Combine that ambiguity of purpose with substandard graphics and you arrive at a simulator/game that is hard to recommend on either side.  Those looking for a realistic representation of the full spectrum of challenges inherent in operating large, complex ships on the unforgiving landscape of the sea are going to be disappointed in the shallowness of the package. Those looking for pulse-pounding action on the high seas are not going to find it. Somewhere in the narrow slice of interests that resides equidistant between those two extremes might find what they're looking for in Extremes. All others would be best advised to look elsewhere for something more focused on their interests.

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Ship Simulator Extremes suffers from an out-dated look and a disappointing lack of technical depth. The attempt to appeal to a wide audience fails due to the mediocre implementation of both ship simulation and compelling action.

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