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posted 12/22/2009 by Chad Smith
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Serious Sam HD also features achievements built-in to make it ready for the upcoming XBLA release. Most of them are pretty reasonable but you'll also find a few that will take a lot of effort. Load times are very quick on an average gaming rig. Depending on your PC, there are many options available to make it a smooth experience. Everything from simple resolution changes to the most advanced rendering options are available through the in-game menu.

The sound is sharp and certainly retains the exact feel of the original. Walking outdoors will frazzle you when you hear a random Scythian Witch-Harpy screech even when none are in sight. Weapon shots, armor pickups, and charging animals are all distinct to give audio cues about what's happening around the player. Old friends keyboard and mouse make a triumphant return and handle as expected.

Playing on the PC gives the ability to take part in up to sixteen player co-op. At the time of this review, it's a little hard to find multiplayer games. There are always a few available but they have higher-than-acceptable pings for such a fast paced game. Dedicated servers have already been announced as in the works. If it pans out then that should make finding a game with low enough latency much easier. Serious Sam HD would be a good addition to a LAN Party, even if only to give a "palate cleanser" between more serious games.

Once you are able to join a game, blasting through the campaign with other humans adds even more fun to the mix. Weapons, ammo and armor recharge quick enough to allow each person to get what they need. There are options to mess with such as player caps and difficulty settings to tailor the experience to the group's preference.  Being able to save a buddy or use them as a meat shield creates a new facet to the online challenge.

The frantic action has returned.  After all of this, the original question remains: is it worth your money to play Serious Sam in HD?  With such a small price tag, it's hard not to recommend the game. If you have never stepped into the shoes of Sam Stone, there is no better time than now.   Pick up a copy and prepare for non-stop action that will draw you back in for at least a second play through.

If you have played the original then you know already if you're going to love the game. It's worth every penny just to revisit the single player experience but the co-op adds extra value. Croteam has allowed this repackaging as more of a nod to fans and make no pretense about stuffing bonus content into the game. Knowing exactly what you'll get for a budget price makes this even sweeter. Call it what you want, but whatever you do choose to say should translate to "buy this now if you are a shooter fan."

This is first person shooting distilled to its purest and most action-packed form. Updated graphics, fun co-op, and a budget price tag join together to put this on any shooter fan's wish list.

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