Section 8: Prejudice


posted 11/9/2010 by Tina Amini
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In the film industry it’s almost an unspoken secret that sequels will generally not live up to the standard set by the original movie. This is quite the contrary for the game industry, as sequels can generally be a chance to take what was originally a good idea and have the opportunity to perfect it with what is basically a second chance.

Section 8: Prejudice is no exception. Although there were many complaints of the original title, TimeGate Studios took the opportunity for criticism to perfect the ideas of gameplay and the sci-fi storyline in the upcoming sequel set for release early next year.

One such complaint was that the single player campaign seemed more like a rushed afterthought than a well-executed plan, and this is not far from the truth. Producer Robert Siwiak explained that given the budget that was allotted for the original Section 8 title, the team decided to spend more of it on the multiplayer component to allow for a greater shelf life of the game and thereby giving gamers incentive to pick it up. He also explained that upon completion of the game, many questions were left unanswered, which provided ample footing for storyline for the sequel.

The single player campaign picks up where the original Section 8 title left off. Section 8 is a utopian colony whose creation was helped by a power-armored military force. These soldiers were experimented on to become stronger and more apt at the expense of their humanity. After the colonization was complete, however, prejudice barred them from normal society. An uprising of the current military force presence in Section 8 is soon found to be led by the hands of the original commanding force in Section 8 that established the colony.

Within the five-hour long campaign players will discover the secrets of Section 8 as they battle the vengeful efforts of the preceding military force now shunned from the colony. My demonstration of the campaign starts three missions in after the protagonist and his squad mates have just sabotaged a facility of the enemy force. Upon following an escaped prisoner - who was commander of said military - into their hideout, an amassing army was discovered. Meanwhile, your fleet waits for you to disrupt their anti-air units so that they can rendezvous with you.

I am told that each campaign is roughly 25-30 minutes in length offering a variety of environments and planets of different nature ranging from the arctics to volcanic areas to desserts. The single player maps are wholly unique from their multiplayer components, which is an appreciated change from the first game whose multiplayer maps were taken directly from the single player campaign.
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