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posted 12/15/2010 by Charles Husemann
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There’s a certain recipe developers follow for crafting a sequel. You fix the stuff people bitched about in the previous game, you enhance what works, and sprinkle in some innovation where you can. With Section 8:Prejudice (S8:P) the folks at TimeGate are following this formula to the letter with one major twist. I’ll get to the twist in a bit but first let’s look at what TimeGate is doing with their sequel.

One of the biggest complaints about the original game was the single player campaign which was little more than a tutorial for the multiplayer portion of the game. TimeGate has listened and is expanding the single player portion of the game quite a bit. Prejudice will now sport a full five hour campaign (your mileage will probably vary) spread across nine different environments. While that doesn’t seem like a lot it does put the campaign in the same general area as games like Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield:Bad Company 2.

On the tweak side they are tuning the multiplayer portion of the game quite a bit. A lot of the core concepts will remain (like dropping into the battlefield from orbit) but they are expanding the customization of the characters significantly as well as tweaking the weapons, loadouts, and the Dynamic Combat Missions. If you didn’t play the first game the Dynamic Combat Missions are side missions that are inserted during the Conquest multiplayer portion of the game. These are missions that both teams participate in and involve things like taking out/protecting an MVP, gathering wreckage, and killing certain players on the other team. They do add a lot to the game and certainly keep you on your toes.

In addition to the tweaks they are going to be rolling out leaderboards and providing detailed stats that you’ll be able to access in the game, via the companies website, or through the API’s they are providing for developers. Not only will you be able to see your stats but you’ll also be able to track your progress towards the next level in the game, the gear you’ve used in the game, and other miscellaneous data. TimeGate will be providing that data at the individual as well as the clan level.

Outside of the single player campaign the game features two online modes, Conquest and Swarm. The Swarm mode is a variation of the popular Horde style mode where you and a group of buddies fight against ever increasing waves of enemies. What makes the version in S8:P special is that as you kill enemies and protect defenses you earn points which can be spent on vehicles or on fixed structures like re-supply depots and turrets. This addition adds some interesting tactical decisions like if the mech suit is worth saving up for or if having that mini-gun turret covering the rear of the base now is a better investment.

The conquest mode is something you’ve seen in the previous game as well as many others in the genre. You and your team to work and hold strategic points around the map. What’s great about the version in S8:P is that you can work with your team to build up defenses around these points to help hold onto them. Don’t want people dropping/spawning in an area? Build an anti-aircraft gun so they are forced to land someplace else. Want to move on to a base but don’t want to leave folks behind? Build a nice perimeter of turrets. It’s a nice dynamic and this mode is also enhanced by the previously mentioned Dynamic Combat Missions.
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