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posted 1/15/2010 by Marissa Meli
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Instead, you’ll choose one of several Hollywood archetypes to play as: the starlet, the action star (Rambo), the horror queen (Elvira), and so on. This will give the host the opportunity to make even more obnoxious comments, so if you haven’t been listening so far, please take this opportunity to write yourself a note to self: “If I do foolishly decide to purchase SI?BLBS, remember to turn the host off.”
And then, there are the questions, which could have been easily delivered (and would have been more welcome) as DLC. However, I suppose it’s in Screenlife’s best interests as far as sales go to keep a game on shelves as a new release every fall, so there you go. I was happy to welcome back the enjoyable variety of questions and question types to the game. I still get a kick out of trying to commit scenes to memory and figuring out what person or item has been blacked out from a movie still. Again, though, this is something that Scene It? has been offering for many years, and it’s no reason to buy the game in yet another version unless you play obsessively and would deeply benefit from 2800 additional movie trivia questions.
The only reason to ever buy a new version of this game is if you need your movie trivia to be painfully contemporary (I lost count after answering three questions based on the 2009 Tom Hanks stinker Angels & Demons).
I was surprised and frightened at one point to see that X-Men Origins: Gambit was an answer to choose from. Does this mean this movie is real? That Gambit is the second most important/interesting X-Man? I’d rather see X-Men Origins: Jubilee, thanks.
Scene It? Bright Lights, Big Screen doesn't aspire (or achieve) greatness, but it didn't make me throw my controller or contemplate suicide so I could get out of reviewing it, as I once did with the latest Leisure Suit Larry game. Skip this version if you have any of the others. If you don’t already own Scene It? in some shape or form, congratulations on finding your way onto the internet.

If you’ve Scene It? once, you’ve Scene It? all. Bright Lights, Big Screen is an unnecessary addition to the bloated series.

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