Sapphire X800 XT


posted 10/14/2004 by John Yan
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Doom 3 is iD Software’s re-invention of the classic game that started the deathmatch craze. The engine really taxes a system and the graphics are phenomenal for a computer game. For the tests, we ran the game with Max settings here.

While the bottleneck is the CPU at 640x480 with both cards running neck and neck, you can see the X800 XT’s power show as we increase the resolution. The X800 XT runs almost 10fps more at 1600x1200 than the X800 Pro.

Far Cry is an impressive first person shooter from Ubi Soft with great outdoor levels and some awesome effects. The vehicles and the ability to explore the entire island makes this one of the best games of the past year. Settings were maxed out and we used the default demo.

At low resolutions, the two cards are running at pretty much the same speed. Only when we start upping the resolution do we see the X800 XT pull away.

Halo is the Microsoft/Bungie/Gearbox first person shooter originally appearing on the Xbox. Featuring great graphics, vehicles, and good gameplay Halo is ran with max settings as well with Pixel Shader 2.0.

The X800 XT keeps an average of 60 fps at 1600x1200 and almost keeps pace with the X800 Pro running at 1280x1024.

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