Saitek P3000 Cordless Gamepad


posted 12/5/2002 by John Yan
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Up to two P3000 gamepads can be used at once. All you have to do is make sure the gamepad matches the signal that’s selected by the base. You can switch the signal that the gamepad sends by hitting the A/B button. The switch for the base is on the bottom of the receiver.

Playing Madden 2003 with the P3000 showed that this pad does the job without any lag or problems. I was able to enjoy a good series of games and played with the P3000 thoroughly enough to gauge the pad to be a very good performer. It reacted well and I was able to pass and hit the holes with my running back just like I was using my regular gamepad. Using the analog stick to control my players, I moved very well and didn’t notice any delay. I also tried a few MAME games such as Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2. With Street Fighter 2, I was able to pull off dragon punches and fireballs with the D-pad easily. The special moves and combos in Mortal Kombat 2 were also easily executed and I was able to pull off some of the harder ones like Kitana’s fan lift, punch, fan throw, aerial punch combo. To make sure that the gamepad did send multiple simultaneous button presses and analog stick movements, I tested the gamepad in the Windows XP control panel. Holding down several buttons at once and moving the sticks around, the actions were perfectly registered in the test program. All in all I was pretty happy at how well it performed.

As far as distance goes, the P3000 was easily working at ten feet away and it says it should work up to thirty feet away. I couldn’t stand that far from the computer as my office restricts me to a certain distance but normal computer gamers don’t sit that far anyways.

The P3000 is a very good cordless gamepad for the computer. With the good range, dual batteries, convenient USB charging base, and good response it should please those who are looking for a cordless gamepad for the PC. Saitek has been producing good wireless products and P3000 continues to upheld the good line that’s recently coming out from them.

A good solid gamepad, the P3000 offers good response and a comfortable feel for those looking at purchasing a cordless gamepad for the PC.

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