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posted 8/25/2006 by Ben Berry
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GamingNexus: The hot topic in the industry right now is the “death” of E3. How long has Saitek had a presence at E3?
We’ve been at the last ten E3’s.
GamingNexus: The changes to E3 will likely have the largest effect on the smaller software and hardware vendors. As one of the largest residents of Kentia Hall (the E3 home for most small software and hardware vendors) at previous E3’s, how do you see the repackaging of E3 affecting the smaller companies?
E3 was a good opportunity for small technologies and software companies to get noticed. 1C (Il-2 Sturmavik, Pacific Fighters) started in a little 10x10 in Kentia Hall.
GamingNexus: Does Saitek plan to participate in the new E3? If so, what changes should we expect? If not, what alternative does Saitek have in mind?
We’re curious to see what the new format will be, or what other venues like CES might do to fill the gap. We work very directly with the press to keep them informed on our new products, so that might get even more emphasis.
GamingNexus: The controller for the Nintendo Wii, the Wiimote, is a major step ahead in video game console controller design. What impact do you expect this innovation to have on PC gaming controller design?
I don’t think it translates well to the PC, except in the media PC role, which is more console-like. The dominant PC interface will be Mice and keyboards followed by joysticks for the near future.
GamingNexus: What new products does Saitek have on the horizon? Are there any product areas in which Saitek is looking to move?
We have a couple of new and exciting products coming this season that have not yet been announced.
The first is our all-new Aviator joystick. Aviator combines styling influenced by Spitfires and Mustangs with Saitek’s precise designs and programming technology. The result is a twin throttle five axis programmable joystick for dogfighters and bush pilots everywhere. It will be available in October.
The second will have to wait for now, but Saitek will be raising the bar again.
We'd like to thank Mark for taking the time to talk to us.

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