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posted 11/30/2004 by Dave Gamble
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One other beef I had with the X45 was that due to the separate throttle, I had to use bungie cords to strap it down to my desk. I also had to strap the main joystick to a board to hold it in place. This is because it took one hand for each unit to control it, leaving no hands to hold the units in place on the desk. The EVO Force doesn't have a separate throttle - the throttle is built into the base of the joystick. I found this much easier to use, although admittedly somewhat lower on the "cool looking" scale.

On the downside, the EVO Force only has one coolie hat, where the X45 has two. This is unfortunate in that I had to decide whether I'd prefer to use the coolie hat for trim or view. I decided to use it for view since I really only ever use elevator trim, and that could be handled just as well using the left and right side thumb buttons. Including the trigger, there are 10 buttons that can be assigned to various functions.

Rudder control is provided by twisting the stick. There is no force feedback on the rudder axis, but it really wouldn't add all that much anyway. I found that the rudder wasn't always enough to steer a Flight Sim taildragger on the ground, but I was able to dedicate two of the base buttons to the differential steering function in flight sim and was good-to-go.

Comfort-wise, the EVO Force is one of the best I've used. The hand rest on the stick has three height positions for both left- and right-handed people. The three thumb buttons near the top of the stick can be adjusted up and down for a better fit. There is also a swivel adjustment for the entire top control group.

Precision is also top-notch. I didn't detect any slop at all in the stick, and would be quite comfortable configuring the null zone setting in just about any game to as narrow as it would go. This is a very, very smooth and precise stick in my experience.

For games that offer good force feedback support, the Saitek EVO Force delivers solid performance. It's comfortable, precise, and highly configurable.

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