Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


posted 12/9/2008 by Tyler Sager
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The quests also involve a lot of wandering and back-tracking. There are a few teleporters in place to help with travelling about the land, but in general there’s just an excessive amount of walking. Shortly into the game, players have the ability to pick up a horse to help speed things along. Mounted play does add a nice element to the traditional action RPG, and each character can eventually earn a unique mount which will enhance their abilities in certain ways.

Sacred 2 looks good, although not spectacular. Various Combat Arts effects are nice, and each character can be decked out in distinctive equipment. The music is a curious choice, but not a bad one, with a mix of generic fantasy and much heavier modern flavors. The voice acting and dialogue, however, is often quite annoying. While I can appreciate the tongue-in-cheek flavor of the game, many of the deliveries are just off, making the lines painful rather than amusing. Some of the characters’ flavor dialogue also had the annoying tendency to jar me right out of the suspension of disbelief needed to be immersed in the game.

Those looking for longevity in a game will find it here. There are several different difficulty levels of play, allowing players to repeat the already-beefy game through several times in order to advance their characters to the highest levels. It’s not until these higher difficulty settings will players discover if their character concept can hold out for the long haul. Players can also gather some human friends and head out onto the Sacred 2 multiplayer arena to tackle the quests together or make other players’ lives miserable.

I will admit that it took me a while to warm up to Sacred 2. The character development system is just different enough that it took some effort (and several re-starts) to finally begin figuring out what how best to play. In fact, I probably stuck with it longer than I would have because this was a review game. I would wager that many players won’t have that patience, and so Sacred 2 may not have a terribly wide-ranging appeal. There is a decent game here, but it certainly won’t appeal to all gamers, and not even to all action RPG fans. Personally, I’ll probably head back to this from time to time, but I know it won’t be eating away the hours like other titles manage to do.

A decent action RPG with some interesting and unique character development. It may take some time to appreciate, and many won’t. It’s worth a look, but it’s not for everyone.

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