posted 11/20/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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Now what’s flying down a mountain after weaving through a few trees at 70+ miles an hour without some good music? Certainly not SSX I’ll tell you that much. The SSX series has always had a great soundtrack and the newest addition is no exception. This time instead of big name talent for the characters EA Big opted out to have better music instead. You’ve got Yellow Card, Andy Hunter, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Royksopp (my new musical guilty pleasure), and a whole lot more great music is presented excellently by DJ Atomika. Overall the music is great and you’re bound to find something you’ll like. Only downside is that even with a customizable soundtrack, some tracks are locked to certain events.

EA was also kind enough to throw in some online play as well so if you have some friends that still are not SSX believers then just hop online and play someone else, there is also voice chat for those with a USB headset so you can talk smack on your opponents. The best part about said smack talking is that you can give your opponent what is known as “Bragging Rights” so say you’ve got a character built up with max stats. You can make this character a level 1 character and then give your opponent a head start if you like. So when you beat someone online with a wacky combination of “Bragging Rights” you’ve got all the reason to talk some trash.

EA Big has done a wonderful job in creating the ultimate snowboarding experience. Forget Amped 2 for Xbox, forget 1080 Avalanche for GameCube, there is only one snowboarding game this season worth owning, and it is SSX 3. The superb graphics, amazing gameplay, excellent sound, and overall fun just make this game a must own for the holidays. No matter what platform you pick this up for you’re in for a treat.

EA Sports BIG's third trip down the mountain is the best snowboarding title ever created.

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