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posted 10/15/2010 by Jeremy Duff
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For the most part, the game looks and sounds as good as one would expect for a game in the current generation. The racers and the bikes are incredibly detailed and the animations are top notch. The one area that I would have to express concern with is the environments surrounding the tracks and courses in the game; they just seem so barren. I understand that the courses of a fast paced sport are open and clear, for the safety of the riders, but in the game this comes across as lacking any sort of personality or character. All that the players see is an uninteresting gray openness… with asphalt and dirt for as far as the eye can see. The crowds on the edges of the track aren’t lively at all and the few elements included to add variety to the surroundings, like hot air balloons and such, are stagnant and isolated. The game more than meets the need for speed and the thrill of the sport, but the environments and surroundings could use some improvement in order to elevate the experience to the next level.

SBK X was a lot of fun. Racing on high speed superbike is a completely different world than racing cars, and the game makes this very clear. Superbike racing requires a different approach and tactics that normally are not taken into consideration in the gaming genre since it it is predominantly filled with car-based racing games. The game does a really nice job of offering gameplay modes to appease both the hardcore SBK crowd and the casual gamer; it is easy to see how a player, given enough time, would work their way into competing in the full simulation modes of the game. That is something that would take some work and dedication though, but the reward would be worth it. SBK X launches next week, on October 19, 2010. Superbike fans will undoubtedly want to check out. Milestone and Black Bean has gone to great lengths to accurately recreate the Superbike experience.

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