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posted 7/14/2008 by Randy Kalista
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Over 100 archetypes of monsters and bosses claim the land between the different races’ city-states and territories, all of them ready to accept my blood, sweat, and tears as sacrificial offerings. There’s also a triumvirate of bosses that are so massive that the game camera is incapable of fitting them entirely onto one screen: A grimacing earth elemental golem (he could’ve been bigger), a red dragon (you saw that one coming), and a 10,000-leagues-under-the-sea-sized nautilus that will re-instill your fear in oceanic depths (now we’re talking).

Regardless of whether you’re on the Light side or the Shadow side, the enemies willing to put a stop to your crusade will populate both paths. How you dispatch those enemies -- with an ever-growing caravan of skills and abilities -- will be directed by the side you choose. The developers’ original plan was to have all 20 possible abilities at your disposal from the word “Go.” But after much play-testing, Ascaron concluded that this overwhelmed players with too many choices, and so they decided to reduce the tsunami to a simpler wake of purchasable options. At the time of this writing, completing the tutorial will net you one starting ability, and enough currency to purchase perhaps two more. The rest of the 20 will trickle in gradually. In addition, these abilities are scaleable. Don’t like that widespread and weak meteor shower? Concentrate it down to fewer meteors hitting for increased damage. It’s your spell. Kill them fast, or kill them slow -- it’s your call.

And there’s four ways to kill-on-sight if you’re doing it with other players. Campaign Mode has you and your buddies trek through the storyline cooperatively; experience and loot is shared, just like you were taught in kindergarten. Free Mode tears away the main quest, and only leaves side quests to pursue -- great for opening up the entire gameworld from the get-go, and is also “ideal for power-leveling.” Plus, there’s the arena. You can have multiplayer PvE fights against waves of specific groups of enemies, or multiplayer PvP fights, where you stab other players as much as possible in order to climb the online leader board.

I’ve been racking my brain for days now, and like CDV has noted themselves, I just can’t think of any features that are seriously lacking. Sacred 2 is a no-joke full-bodied experience, with a gorging amount of meat and drink for RPG die-hards, but still starts off with a unique and manageable learning curve. You begin as a boy and his sword, or a girl and her spell -- with several degrees of variation between -- on the first step of a legendary undertaking to either keep the world’s supply of T-Energy in check, or begin funneling that supply to meet your own nefarious ends.

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