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posted 10/1/2008 by Randy Kalista
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Can you talk about the different classes that players will get to choose from? Do you have a personal favorite?
The game features six different classes, and four of these have both a Light and Shadow (e.g. “Good” and “Evil”) side. A quick rundown would look like this:

Shadow Warrior: - The brawler or “fighter” class. He’s an undead warrior who’s very angry about having been resurrected rather than being allowed to pass on to his “final reward.” He’s basically a tank unit, with a special affinity and skills that allow him to leverage his undead status.

Seraphim - The only character found in the original Sacred as well, the Seraphim is an angelic fighter with awesome hand to hand and deity-granted magical powers. She rides on a massive saber tooth tiger in combat and only wants to restore balance to the world of Ancaria.

High Elf -  The High Elves are the “favored” race within Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Not idealized humans as often found in other, traditional fantasy lore, Ancaria’s High Elves are a powerful race but feuds amongst itself as the nobility and clergy disagree about the proper use of T-energy, a powerful force that the High Elves have learned to control, at least partially. They are an agile and magically strong race, but also disdain the other races and look upon Humans as servants or slaves.

Dryad -  The Dryads are a matriarchal society that stems from the original Ancient Elves of Ancaria. Distrusting of T-energy and those that yield it, they have retreated to a dense jungle island, where they live in tree houses and nurture their affinity for more primal magic, poisons and their close ties to nature. They are also lethal with ranged weapons, particularly the blow gun.

Temple Guardian - A cybernetic guardian that shares the look of a futuristic Egyptian Anubis, the Temple Guardian packs some sci-fi weaponry with visual effects that will certainly dazzle players (and the Guardian’s foes). One of the original guardians of the source of T-energy, the Temple Guardian became a pawn in the power struggle between the Seraphim and Inquisitors, and those few that survived the ensuing massacre are guarded and tend to shoot first, asking questions later.

Inquisitor - The Inquisitor is the ultimate villain, corrupt to the core, he only cares about controlling the source of the T-energy. No cost is too high for this pursuit. His corrupt nature and extensive manipulation of T-energy has fostered a number of powerful and devastating spell powers that belie his fragile, cloaked appearance.

It’s tough to pick just one character. They are very well balanced and all have strengths and weaknesses. I find the Temple Guardian to be the most unique and interesting, and I love his beam and energy weapons. The Seraphim is simply very cool, using her upgradeable wings as weapons and armor, both. The High Elf has some very visually impressive spells that are a lot of fun to play, while the Inquisitor is that inner bad guy that you just want to play sometimes, without regard for trying to do the right thing in a game.

Sacred 2 was featured at Showdown LAN in Worchester, MA, on September 5 - 7. How'd it go?
Sacred 2 has “shown” very well at all the consumer events. The game’s had quite a whirlwind tour this year, starting with GDC and SXSW, then press events in June and July, followed by Comic Con and PAX (Penny Arcade Expo). We’re now on the third and final Showdown event, this time in Peoria, Illinois. Each time we show Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, people seem to get more excited for the game, which obviously makes us very happy. Even our preview versions for PC and console have received rave reviews, but we’re continuing to polish, to ensure that North American customers get the best possible version of the game.

The Ascaron development team went into "crunch time" back in July, and the PC release has been delayed from September to October. Does it look like all the promised features will make it into the final version, or is anything getting cut? The PC's ad hoc WiFi networking was certainly a big deal...

Actually, October was only a release date for the non-English version of Sacred 2 in Europe. For the UK and North America, the PC version is planned for an early November ship date, while the console version is going to move to a less crowded February.

Nothing is going to get cut. The development team has a lot of pride in this title and continues to polish almost daily. Every build we are seeing continues to get stronger and stronger. Our goal is to publish a definitive Action RPG that can stand up against any title, so we’re taking this time to polish a few last minute things that most may not even notice, but will surely please those that do.
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