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Since the setting of the game is based around the festival of Carnaval, all of the expected sights and sounds are included. The musical score in particular is very well done, featuring festive and native tunes that are as moving as they are beautiful. The game uses a very animated, cartoon style for its graphics which brings nearly every aspect of the environment(s) to life. There are even clips from the actual movie sprinkled in occasionally which add to the storytelling element weaved into the game to integrate the plot of the film.

Whether the “hardcore” likes to admit it or not, there is a place in our industry for games like this and THQ is hitting a sweet spot with this title. The kids who I played with had an absolute blast which in turn made it a lot of fun for me. There are a lot of party game compilations available in our industry but this one definitely ranks among the top in both its presentation and gameplay. THQ is playing it very smart with Rio by offering the title at a discount compared to the industry’s standard pricing, which just may secure a moderate level of success on its own. Once kids see the movie, which launches into theaters next week as well, they are sure to get even more out of the game as the characters and settings become more familiar to them after a trip to the theater.

Rio launches next week on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii. A nintendo DS version will also be available but will be based more around dancing and as it is a musical platformer. All versions will sell for $29.99 regardless of platform. We may just have to add this one to the collection in our house...

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