Renting Online: Better Than Local Stores?


posted 12/11/2002 by Dan Clarke
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GN: Can you give us some background about where you worked before coming to Gamefly?

Jung: Before I came over here I worked as a producer at Electronic Arts. Even then I knew I wasn’t able to play all the games that EA made – although I sure would have liked to be able to.

GN: Tell us more about the Gamefly service for the people new to online rentals.

Sean: Gamefly is a service that started October 1, 2002, and the response has been fantastic. We carry 95 percent of all games released on the next generation platforms and stockpile literally thousands of games in our warehouse to make sure we have the games you want, when you want them…especially the hot new releases.

For a $21.95 monthly fee Gamefly subscribers can rent as many games as they like with no due dates, late fees or shipping costs. Games are delivered right to your door and we also pay for the return shipping. The only catch is that subscribers can only have two games out at one time. They can play the game to their heart’s content and then return the game to us our purchase it at a pre-owned price (plus a nominal $1.99 shipping charge for the original case & instructions) that’s comparable to a used videogame store.

GN: I noticed on your site you can select either one or two games out at once. Any plans for additional pricing plans with more games out at once?

Jung: Sean and I are focused on our customers. We even handle some of the support ourselves so we stay close to our customers. Although we do not have those pricing plans at this time, it is something we would look at in the future if our customers asked for it.
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