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posted 1/25/2005 by John Yan
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A while ago, we got sent the Razer Diamondback mouse to preview. It was close to the same as the Viper but with a few extra buttons and some improvements to the DPI engine and enabled an always on optical eye. Rather than go through the features of the mouse, here's a retread of my preview:

The Diamondback features seven independently programmable buttons, a good improvement over the three found in the Viper. Razer always produces mice that is usable by both left and right handed so the four buttons are split into two on each side of the mouse. We’ll get to how well this works when we do a full blown review of the product. The wheel’s scroll feel seems to have improved also and I do prefer it over the Viper. While the physical design does resemble the Viper, the Diamondback is more elongated so this should please those looking for a bigger mouse body and found the Viper to be a bit small.

On the top, the Diamondback still retains the large buttons from the previous optical mouse. They have the same material on them and have a little groove inset that your two fingers fit in nicely.

Internally, the Diamondback has increased the DPI from the Viper in the form of 1600 DPI. The Viper’s DPI is set at 1000. That’s a healthy 600 DPI increase and those looking for high DPI mice should look no further than the Diamondback. The mouse also features a 16 bit data path compared to the 8 and 12 bit that most other mice uses.

On the bottom, the Teflon feet have been changed a bit with the foot near the end of the mouse being a half moon instead of a dot. The top two feet are also large and half moon shaped over the dot on the Viper. The optical sensor is always on so you won’t experience any lag from periods of non-usage. With the optical light on, it emits a nice glow that illuminates the various parts of the translucent mouse. It also gives the mouse wheel a nice flat glow as well.

So we were sent a final production unit of the Razer Diamondback recently and I put it through its paces. It didn’t seem to differ from the pre-production unit that was sent a few months ago but this time we got the other color scheme that’s available. The color looks a little different depending on what angle you are looking at the mouse. Sometimes it’s got a purple color, at other times there’s a green tint to it.
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