Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition


posted 6/25/2010 by Shawn Sines
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Razer has a great reputation for making performance gamer-oriented accessories like mice and headsets, but  they scored extra points with me when they revealed their left-handed version of the recently upgraded DeathAdder gaming mouse.

The technical specifications for the mouse are pretty impressive. It uses a 3500 DPI laser, programmable buttons and a nice smooth scroll that doesn’t feel awkward or make disturbing clicking noises when you use it. The DeathAdder is a quality pointing instrument.

The precision of the mouse and its almost immediate 1 ms response are very nice when playing games like Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead, but 3500 DPI is a bit much if you are planning to navigate your favorite gaming website or use Microsoft Word. Thankfully the included control panel software allows you to adjust or dial-down the precision pretty easily for everyday usage.

The only negative I found with the software scaling was that there was no way to trigger this resolution switch without resorting to using a control panel. Its not a huge inconvenience to open a system tray icon and switch the settings, but in a perfect world I wouldn’t find anything to nit pick either.

Along with the smooth precision of the sensor and fast response time the DeathAdder features 5 programmable buttons that felt natural to click and hold and responded quickly. Speed clicking while playing Torchlight was not an issue as the mouse delivered my endless carpal tunnel-inducing spasm of death to the game as quickly as I entered it. The two “thumb buttons” on the side are placed at the right angle and with broad enough buttons to make clicking these cursory buttons comfortable even without removing your primary fingers from the top of the mouse.

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