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posted 5/19/2003 by Ben Zackheim
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What more can be said about the Rayman series? It’s got a hero with no arms or legs. I mean come on! How can any other game developer compete with that? Rayman is a great series that I’ve enjoyed from the beginning and from the looks of the latest multi-console versions my love affair continues.

Rayman got its introduction to the Game Boy Advance with a port of the original game back when the handheld first premiered. I remember being blown away by the quality of the graphics and the addictive, if sometimes frustrating, gameplay. I even showed my parents how incredible it looked and I was 32 at the time. Alas, their ancient eyes were unable to appreciate the stunning beauty – or they couldn’t see without any backlight, I don’t recall. Rayman for the GBA was the perfect game at the perfect time and did very well for Ubi Soft. It was, deservedly, touted as the game to show the skeptics if you wanted to prove how incredible the GBA is. Rayman was a hard act to follow.

Rayman 3 tops it. Where to begin…Graphics. Graphics that have no place on a tiny handheld. Graphics that set the bar for games of its kind for years. Rayman 3 is rich beyond belief with sets and backgrounds that would match the Dreamcast. Throw in the fluid character animations that display a sense of humor that other games aspire to and simple controls that will have the clumsiest of us playing like Thresh within an hour—it’s heaven. Oh yeah. And addictive gameplay. Hell, even the menu is brilliant, with its moving gears, sweet sounds and amusing musical ditty.

The point of the game is hilarious and pseudo-pointless, as it is in all Rayman games – Globox, his idiot buddy with a bottomless pit of a stomach and a prune allergy, has disappeared after eating the Lord of the Dark Lums. In typical Rayman fashion everyone gets their little dig at the poor giant and then helps Rayman find him. But Hoodlums, an army that’s faithful to the Lord, are also after Globox, trying to get their leader back so they can rule the world. The only way to stop them is to find a “cure” for Globox and ally with the Knaaren, a rival tribe. If the plot seems a little holey, well, welcome to Rayman stories. It’s a little like being on a bender.
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