Random Babblings: Top 5 Adventure Games of All Time


posted 10/10/2002 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Number Four - Police Quest

Classic Line: “knock over bikes”

When I use the phrase ‘Police Quest’ please let the record state that I am referring to installments 1-4 and not the later, action/strategy/interactive movie themed entries to the series. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I can talk about the series that first introduced me to the adventure genre.

Police Quest is very strange because it’s one of the few adventure games where I can actually remember the whole entire game from the beginning to the end. Maybe it’s because it was the very first adventure game I ever played, or the fact that I’ve played through the entire game well over 20 times, but it’s by far one of the most memorable games that the gaming world has ever seen.

Written by Jim Walls, a retired police officer, the game had an eerily authentic feel to it. In fact, the entire series exuded this ‘real life, hmm this could actually be happening, oh damn what the hell do I do now’ sort of feeling. The events and occurrences in this game unfolded in such a memorable way that they have forever etched themselves in the back of my mind.

This game was unique because it allowed me to fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming a police officer. Sure those days are long gone, but who here hasn’t dreamt about being a police officer at one point or another in their lives? My perception of what it was like to be a real life police officer was pieced together from episodes of COPS and Real Stories of the Highway Patrol. I had only a small notion of what it was truly like to be one of the men and women behind the badge. This game really expressed just how difficult and nerve racking the job field truly was.
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