Random Babblings: Save the Rainforests!


posted 2/4/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Another Atari game, Neverwinter Nights, came in those luxurious paper cases. Of course the game was a steal at only $49.99 so I guess one could understand why the company had to cut such corners. I mean, what can 50 bucks really get you today anyways? What’s that you say? You can feed a family of 8? You can take your girlfriend out to a nice meal? You can feed Sally Struthers for 15 minutes? Nah, you must be lying because apparently 50 Washingtons are only good enough to net me three paper cases.

Perhaps the most annoying aspect of this dilemma is the need to purchase separate housing for the CDs in order to protect them from sustaining scratches or surface damage. So let’s see, I’ve paid $50 for the privilege of playing the game and now I have to shill out more money for a solid case so that it doesn’t get all f***ed up? Jesus Christ, why don’t you just cut off my balls while you’re at it? Here, take my wallet and keys to my car, I’m not going to be needing it. I won’t be able to afford gas money anymore, I’ll be too poor from spending my paychecks on jewel cases.

Because of my job here at the Nexus, it’s truly rare for me to have to actually venture out and purchase a title. However, I hold just the same expectations as the crowd that I cater to. I expect only the best out of my games and when I plonk down 50 of my hard earned dollars, I’m expecting a masterpiece. Games like Data Becker’s Highland Warriors are not masterpieces.

It’s quite obvious that jewel cases have been reserved for only the most upper echelons of gaming.

It’s a shame that the industry has come to this, I’d expect this from a low-brow company or a business that is just getting a start in the industry. Maybe the gaming industry is in cohoots with the world’s logging industry, perhaps this cost cutting is the key to their increased success. I don’t know who the genius was that decided to start this trend but it’s an annoying one that needs to end before it becomes more popular. Blaming it on the smaller sizes of the boxes isn’t good enough for me either, EA’s recently released Battlefield 1942 came with a plastic case that held the game’s two CDs and it came with a manual that was larger than that of UT2003’s.

I’ve heard of saving the rain forests but this is ridiculous. Maybe next time I’ll find more creative ways of conserving paper, like holding on to the little slips of green inside my wallet.

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