Random Babblings: How to Get Your Woman to Game


posted 2/20/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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So I was playing video games the other day when I came to a startling revelation, my girlfriend plays video games. And she doesn’t just play them in a “aww look at her mash the buttons” sort of way either. She’s precise, calculated and damn good at what she does. Only after sending her endless care packages filled with video games did I realize that I was, in fact, dating a female gamer, and a good one at that.

All of the signs were there but for some reason I didn’t notice them at first. The time she asked me to send her a copy of Guilty Gear X2, that time that I let her play Tony Hawk 3 and then she proceeded to steal my copies of Tony Hawk 4 and Tony Hawk’s Underground in the following years. That look that she got in her eyes when she beat me for the first time in Dark Stalkers and that damn irresistible giggle that she’d bust out when I “let her beat me” in that game of Puzzle Fighter. Then I came to another realization, there’s a whole world of gaming out there for women. Not just those simple puzzle games or games with cutesy characters. Women are coming into their own in the gaming world and I’m here to educate a few of you about this rapidly increasing scene.

Sure all those signs were there in the past but I think I finally had an epiphany when I asked my girlfriend if she wanted me to send her Nightshade after I finished up my review. I had told her that the game didn’t really appeal to me all that much and that I could just dispose of it afterwards instead of pawning it off on to her.

Her response? “Honey, send it to me! You know how I love games where girls get to kick ass!”

Up that point I had only really seen my girlfriend as a mainstream female gamer who bit on all of the more feminine games. She constantly schools me at Tetrinet and Puzzle Fighter but that’s just by design (Trust me guys, there’s no way in hell to defeat an Asian girl at a puzzle game. It’s like ingrained in their DNA from the moment that they’re born.) and she’s just an absolute Dance Dance Revolution fiend. Then I started thinking back to her library; she has games like Darkstalkers, Legend of Legaia, Star Ocean, Chrono Cross and Bloody Roar in her library. I had been so blind; female gamers aren’t an entirely different category of gamers who are here to be patronized. They have the potential to be as proficient as we males are, and in some circumstances, and can actually become more adept than us.

Fret not though because this isn’t such a bad thing for the couple that plays together stays together. As hardcore gamers you probably all know just how difficult it is to get your girlfriend to understand how addictive video games can be. Have you ever told your girlfriend about how you and your friends just spent and a whole weekend playing Battlefield 1942 and only to have her shun you away out of disappointment? See the problem here is that although there is a large contingent of female gamers out there, an even larger number of them don’t understand the appeal of video games. All that you really need to do though is to open up the door and give them a little hint of what makes them so addictive, what makes them so appealing and what makes you choose them on a Saturday night instead of a hot date.

That’s why we’re developing this guide for all of you men out there as a means to bring your women into the gaming scene. Unfortunately not all of us on the planet are as lucky as Bart and have developed women repellant in their genes. It’s not an easy process but a number of advancements in recent years have made gaming much easier for women to stomach.
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