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posted 10/6/2006 by Lydia Graslie
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Day > 12
Today I have reached level 29. Its taken me longer than I expected: grinding in this game is tough. Luckily my guild has helped me out in a ton of ways, so its not as bad as it could be. The next time I level I’ll get to choose my first class change, which I’m excited about. But that won’t be today.
Because today is the day I compete in the Thunderdome.
Thunderdome, a GM ran event, is basically a giant inter-racial tourney sorted by level. Its previously been held every couple months, though it should be occurring more often now. Its a 1v1 tourney. I’m in the lowest degree, Flem, for characters 29 and under. Hence, no leveling today. Quite a few people have signed up for it, but only one other person has signed up for my degree. I figure a 50% chance of winning isn’t bad. However, I’ve also heard that this particular person has also quit, so it is with some excitement and trepidation that I port into the Thunderdome for the competition.
There are roughly 100 people in the arena. I take my seat with my race to watch members of the other races filter in. I see a couple characters I’ve heard about in the forums, as well as some people that I’ve fought personally. The Race Leader of the Accretians has also showed.  But my opponent is nowhere to be found.
When everyone is seated with their weapons put away (apparently one Thunderdome erupted into mass chaos because not everyone was sitting and/or unarmed; resulted in a total free-for-all) the Thunderdome starts. My ranger is called to the arena. My race is cheering me on, and I’m glad, because I’ve previously had really bad luck at PvP. Now my opponent is called.
He hasn’t showed. The GM pronounces me the winner, and asks me to sit down. I’ve just become a millionaire in prizes for showing up. I’m pretty happy about it.
I stay to watch most of the rest of the Thunderdome. Its quite entertaining. Its especially interesting to see what abilities and armor members of other races have without being on the receiving end of them. A few people start trouble and are kicked out, but for the most part it goes pretty smoothly.  
Day > 13: This Really Happened
I have decided, in the interests of fairness, to create an alt character to check out the abilities of other classes. I choose crafter and start leveling I’m busy putzing around HQ when I am approached.
“Hey Bob, what level are you?” I’m asked.
“4.” I reply.
“4, lol, if u added a zero to that you’d be the same level as me.”
“If I added a 0 to 4 it would still be 4. 4+0=4”
“Ur a loser”
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a math joke.
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