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posted 10/6/2006 by Lydia Graslie
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Day 7
It has been one week since I’ve started playing RF online. So far things are going fairly well. I’ve completed all my newbie quests, made more friends, and even made a little money. It is then I realize that I’ve absolutely no idea where these other two races are, why we are fighting, or even who they are. Research time.
The best way to learn about your opponent is to fight them to the death, at least in RF online. Instances like these happen every 8 hours on a grand scale. These are called Chip Wars. But before the who or what, its best to know the why. Apparently, this planet that we are on is chock full of valuable minerals, one area in particular being exceptionally lucrative to mine. However, its guarded by a monster. A big old nasty monster called the HolyStone Keeper, or HSK for short. It kills anything it doesn’t like dead, instantly, no ifs ands or buts. Which means everything that approaches it is toast. Well, some bright individual figured out a way to trick the HSK into thinking members of a particular race were its friends. Obviously being exempt from the “instant death” clause would provide a significant bonus. In order to do this, you needed a chip from one of the other races. You fight the other race for its chip, bring it back to your chip, and this allows you to mine in the richest spot of all: right under the HSK’s nose.
Enter the Chip Wars: Obviously everybody wants to be rich and get the chip and mine and live happily ever after, yadda yadda yadda. And that’s the issue; everybody wants it. PvP over the chip can easily involve 25 or more people on any given side. These battles are as short as 3 minutes or as long as 3 hours, depending on the number of people participating, their level, class, and so on. Getting the chip means your race gets a significant economic bonus over the other races. After all, more stuff mined=more money=better gear, pots, friends, etc. So the battles are usually fairly intense.
Around level 19 or so I decided it was time to fight in one of these. Boldly I set out with my ranger character for the mines. It was then I made my first of many painful discoveries: there is really no place for lowbie PvP in RF online. I was ruthlessly quashed 6 or 7 times by characters that were 20 levels above me. Most people in Chip Wars are at least level 30. Again and I again I had to run back to the portal, port into the mine, run down to the chip my race was attacking, and die again. It was a little frustrating, but I amused myself by seeing how far I could tear through the enemy attack line without dying (the answer:not very far). Cora won, which made me feel a little bit better.
This was also the first time I’d set eyes on any other race characters. The Accretians in particular were fearsome to behold. Being targeted by one was like being run down by a giant, angry, bipedal Mack truck, and hurt just as much. They hit hard with physical damage but have no magical attacks. The Bellato were cute and short, but also fearsome. Especially in the giant robot things some of them drive called MAUs. They were kind of like Cora in that they also had magic users, but not as strong.
All in all, an interesting experience.
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