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posted 4/22/2011 by Tina Amini
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Last week THQ flew myself and a few other journalists out to San Francisco to look at a bevy of their upcoming games.  Included in that list was Red Faction:Armageddon and THQ was showing off both the single player and multiplayer portions of the game.  I can't talk about the single player portion of the game until Monday but here are the details on the two new multiplayer modes.

Ruin Mode

One of the gameplay modes that will be available upon the release of Red Faction: Armageddon is Ruin Mode. This mode is fairly self explanatory, with the main goal being to wreak architectural havoc in one of five maps available to you using the Geometry-Modification 2.5 engine. Different constructions, as well as your ability to tear them apart in the most effective manner, offer different levels of points. Once you reach the par score for the respective map, the next map in line will be unlocked.

The purpose of Ruin Mode is two-fold. Initially, the gameplay may seem like an entertaining way to experiment with the vast assortment of weaponry that you will come upon in the single player campaign. The rocket launcher, singularity gun and plasma rifle never get nearly as much use as they seem entitled to. After all, huge explosions and disintegrating buildings are never a sight to tire of. However, once the immediate sensation of evil, cackling laughter wears dry, a more complex strategy to playing the game mode is revealed.

Ruin Mode is secretly a role-playing mode in which you take on the vocation of a demolitions expert (but on a strict timeline). After discerning which buildings will garner the most points once destroyed, the challenge becomes both of what weapon to use and what soft spot to target in order to get the most efficient destruction. Being on a very tight time restriction, efficiency means everything in Ruin Mode.

Even seemingly small decisions can have a drastic impact on your accumulated score. My instinct when given a powerfully destructive weapon and an open map in which to brandish it is to run around and shoot everything in sight to watch in joy as buildings and bridges crumble. After a few rounds of unfettered, unguided destructive fun, the thrill of topping the leaderboard will beckon you. At this point, a more comprehensive plan of action will be instigated. Rather than running headfirst into the map while taking advantage of the unlimited ammunition, I became more aware of the towering buildings that were within my sights and firing range. Carefully plotting out points of weakness for each building, every shot is a precise one. Even details such as sacrificing zooming in for more accurate aim in order to spare an extra second can be a tactful advantage.

Ultimately, your success in Ruin Mode depends on your understanding of both the qualitative value of various structures in each map, as well as where to launch your attack and with which weapon. A few rounds of experimenting will culminate in the most efficient and effective demolitions plan.

For a game that encourages destruction and reconstruction of your environment, it’s only appropriate that there would be a mode available to concentrate on taking advantage of the glory of heavy weaponry and the accurate physics of destruction.
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