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posted 1/2/2008 by Charles Husemann
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14. Will video games get dragged into the 2008 election?
With 2008 being a major election year in the US there are going to be a lot of politicians looking to score easy points with voters and Video games are easy political capital. With Grand Theft Auto IV hitting next year it's another big target for politicians who are looking to pick up easy votes with the "Won't someone think of the children" crowd. I guess the real question of if but how much impact they’ll have.

15. What will Harmonix do next?
Rock Band was one of the top games on everyone's list last year and it will be interesting to see what the developer does next. Backed by big money at MTV and the recent success of their games the company should have carte blanche to do whatever they want to. I don’t know if we’ll see a final game in 2007 or not but I’m hoping we’ll get some sort of announcement and demo at GDC or E3.

16. How will Sony market Little Big Planet?
I've seen Little Big Planet twice now and I'm still not sure how to describe the game to people. On one hand it's a puzzle game and on the other it's a puzzle creation game. I do know that the game is one of the more original games in development right now and it could be yet another killer game for Sony in 2008. It’s going to be tricky to sell gamers on such a quirky game but if they figure that out I think the game could be huge.

17. Will we finally see Duke Nukem Forever this year?
We got a teaser trailer the end of 2007 and a promise of a bigger trailer in 2008...could this be a sign that we may finally we see Duke Nukem Forever in stores? Could the game industry's longest running joke finally come to and end? If it does will the game be any good?. The teaser really didn't show us much and I do wonder if time has passed Duke by or not (I hope not as Duke Nukem 3D holds a special place in my heart). We’ve been through this song and dance before so I’m not exactly holding my breath for the guys at 3D Realms.

18. Can Spore live up to the hype?
While we are on the subject of long awaited games it looks like Spore will finally hit stores in 2008 (of course we said that last year). There's a tremendous amount of hype around Spore as the game has promised so much and the early impressions have been so positive. It's hard to remember ever being let down by Will Wright but the scope of the game is huge.

19. Is this the year Microsoft introduces a handheld?
Rumors of a Microsoft handheld gaming system have been swirling for years. The pieces of the puzzle are already in place. It's not hard to see how Microsoft could mix one part Windows Mobile operating system with a heaping of Zune technology. Stir in Xbox Live and a dash of the Zune marketplace and you could have a very nice multimedia device that could compete with the Sony PSP. If you really wanted to make things interesting you could add a dash of the Surface and Tablet technology and have something that could go against the DS.

20. How awesome will Fallout 3 be?
Every time I say the words "Fallout 3" to John he gets a faraway look in his eyes and a broad smile crosses his face. It's kind of creepy but after seeing the E3 demo of the game I can see why he's excited about the game. I'm not as in touch with the franchise as he is the game looks amazing and is probably a shoe-in for one of the best RPG's of 2008. I don’t have any real backing for this except for an implicit trust of the guys at Bethesda.

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