Quantum of Solace


posted 12/19/2008 by Nathan Murray
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One Page Platforms: 360
So we talked about where you play and what you play with but how about how you play? Very good question my friend. Match types online and through system link include team conflict (team death match), conflict (free for all), classic, territory control, golden gun (everyone vs. one with a super powered gun), Bond evasion ( teams take turns protecting Bond), and Bond versus which is the only one that really needs some extra explaining. Bond versus is one player vs. many where players take turns being bond and test their skills by eliminating their opponents and disable all the bombs their protecting in order to score points. After all the rounds have been played the player with the most points wins. I found this match type the most demanding is skill and knowledge of the level layouts because it really like playing chess (well maybe checkers) against multiple opponents at once trying to out guess each and be quicker and more precise than they are. All multiplayer match types can be played online either privately or publicly and a system link can be set up for local matches. The lack of split screen still felt very unsatisfying but after 3 different games with the Call of Duty 4 engine being released and none of them having this feature I would guess that its not something that the engine can handle.

I know this has read almost like a love letter/guide to Quantum of Solaces online multiplayer and in a way it is. I haven’t been this excited and absorbed by an online multiplayer game since Call of Duty 4. The cover system alone completely changes the way you play this console FPS and without taking away from any of the action. I would recommend this game to any FPS fan that has fond memories of playing Goldeneye 007 multiplayer with their friends, parents who don’t want their kids playing a more mature shooter, and anyone who has a spare 5 or 10 bucks and feels like renting a game for the weekend.

Quantum of Solace online multiplayer has the same frantic and fast paced feel of other FPS with a cover mechanic that adds rather than detracts from the action. The level designs are brilliant and fun to play and the weapon customization means that just about anyone can find a class optimized for their play style. Every FPS needs to give the online in this game a chance

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