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posted 11/24/2010 by Charles Husemann
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Power A isn’t a household name yet but that’s will change if they keep cranking out great third party controllers like the Pro Elite Wireless. If you’re one of those folks (like Cliff Bleszinski) who can’t stand the DualShock controllers then the Pro Elite Wireless Controller is something you need to check out.

If you want to know who Power A is targeting with their PS3 controller then take a look at the picture below.

I’m not sure if Microsoft can sue Power A for copyright infringement or not but it looks like the folks at Power A took a gutted Xbox 360 controller and then stuffed PS3 goodies inside it. Not only do the layout of the thumbsticks and d-pad recall the 360 S controller layouts but Power A uses an Xbox 360 style light array indicate which of the four controller slots the device is taking.

If your personality leans requires gaudy and colorful controllers then you should stop reading now as the Pro Elite Wireless controller has a very military/industrial look and feel to it. There aren’t any fancy colors or colored inserts to be found on the controller. Instead Power A went with a nice a nice flat black matte finish that wouldn’t look too out of place inside a HUMVEE.

The only bit of flair on the controller is the back lit buttons and those are a muffled blood red color. You can turn the back lighting off if you want to extend the battery life a bit but I don’t think that is really necessary as I was able to get well over seven hours out of charge with the lights on.

The plastic used on the controller is a bit on the soft side which makes marathon sessions with the controller easy on the hands. I was able to get through several extended God of War III sessions without any cramps or sore hands. The arms of the controller are textured which provides a nice grip when holding the controller as well as providing feedback on where your hands are on the controller.
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