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posted 4/17/2003 by John Yan
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Cops and other cast of characters inhabit the game world giving you an illusion of a living population in the town of Paradise. While most will leave you alone unless provoked, there are a few that will shoot you on sight. For example, once you get on the video game protestors bad side, they will shoot you on site no questions asked. It’s up to you to deal with the situation as you see fit. You can shoot back and risk the cops taking you down also or have the law deal with the situation. After a few shots from the cops the enemy will turn their attention on them rather than you. The AI will have its moments of brilliance and stupidity like most games. You’ll see some enemies run for cover or just get plain scared and drop their weapon while running madly away. Cops will usually try and work together to take your or someone else down by maneuvering around each other to get a better shot. I even ran into a situation where a passerby saw me murder someone and ran to a cop to point me out. After that I was on the run from the law. There are some moments in the game’s AI where you stand back for a sec and say that’s pretty cool.

As far as the law goes, anytime you pull out your weapon or pull down your zipper to urinate on someone (I’ll go more in depth on this in a minute.) you’ll have a meter pop up in the right side of the screen showing how much time you have as a wanted fugitive. When you kill cops or other pedestrians, the meter goes up and as time goes by slowly decreases to the point where it’s safe to walk in public again. Until the police indicator disappears, any police officer that sees you will try to arrest you or shoot you depending on how high the meter is. Getting arrested isn’t the end of the game as you can break out of jail and continue on your day.

One of the problems I do have with the citizens of Paradise is that everyone has Medal of Honor sniper like aim. You will ALWAYS be hit no matter how far you are or how much dodging you do. The computer people will never miss and that’s really frustrating on anything but the really easy levels. Besides being master marksmen, the people of Paradise can absorb tens of bullets to the head and not even be fazed. It’s because of this that I wanted to actually go through the game without trying to get into fights. Unfortunately, you are forced into a few of those situations and you can die pretty easily even trying to be a pacifist. And then you’ll be forced to wait through the long reload times that plague this game. Easier computer opposition would’ve taken a lot of frustration out in this game. As is I don’t see how people can play it on any level higher than the easier ones so they don’t die easily when in shootouts.

Weapons come in all shapes ranging from guns, shovels, scissors, grenades, and even a gas can. While most are standard, the gas can is truly one of the better weapons in FPS games that I’ve used. You can lay down a gas trail and then light it on fire with a match. One part of the game featured the famous marching band of Postal fame and I poured a nice little trail in front of their marching path. As soon as they stepped over it I light the gas on fire and watched as the members of the band get swallowed up in flames. You can get caught on fire yourself if you touch someone or something on fire. An easy way to put yourself out is to unzip your pants and urinate in the air above you. As the urine comes down it’ll put out the fire quickly. Yes there’s a key dedicated to urination and one of the tasks you have to accomplish is to urinate on a grave. You can also cause some characters in the game to vomit by urinating on them. Just don’t let the cops see you or you’ll be on the run again.
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