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posted 4/17/2003 by John Yan
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Running through a week on the life of the postal dude can be interesting. Living in Paradise, Arizona where it seems almost everyone carries a gun you can run into all sorts of interesting characters that inhabit the small town. Postal 2 offers up a first person shooter that, while might not be a great bonafide hit, is still not too shabby in some parts and definitely not for those who are offended easily.

Postal 2 lets you live one interesting week in the postal dude’s life. The game leaps from its 2D sprite top down view to the first person 3D Unreal engine technology. The design of Paradise is like Half-Life where it’s one big area and each section is loaded as you walk through a load zone that’s usually signified by a long tunnel. Most areas have a bright yellow sign telling you that walking through here will generate a load from your harddrive. The load times can be pretty long at times so you don’t want to jump back and forth between areas that much. Each day you are given a set of tasks to complete before you return home to your trailer to be nagged by your significant other. Each new day also brings new sections of the town to visit. While the tasks seem simple enough, they will usually lead to some sort of violent act upon completion.

For example, one of the first tasks you’ll need to meet is getting your check from your job at Running With Scissors. Yes, you work for the company that developed the game and their office is in the game itself. After you pick up your check after your first day of work (I don’t know why you’re paid for your first day but I digress.), a group of activists against video game violence come storming into the building ready to take you and the employees of RWS out. You can either sit back and let the RWS guys handle the situation with their guns or duke it out and unleash your aggressions on them. And that’s usually how a simple task results into a bloodbath. You’ll actually get through some without any incident but most of the time you’ll be in the middle of a firefight for your life. The fights help add some spice to an otherwise boring routine or task that’s assigned to you.

So that’s the basic premise of the game. You’re given a number of tasks each day and you’ll experience the madness that occurs throughout the day. One nice thing is each task is separate and you don’t have to complete them in any order. If you rather wait for the task of standing in line to confess your sins as your last stop you can. Oh yes, standing in line. There are a few areas where you have to stand in line and if you try to cut in the employee at the place will tell you to get in the back and not serve you. There are a few instances were I was able to successfully cut in line and get my objective complete. Or you can take your gun, scare everyone away, and move to the head of the line with ease. Just make sure there are no cops around to see you whip out that weapon. Standing in line is about as exciting in the game as it is in real life. Thankfully the lines aren’t too long and you should be able to get through them in a relatively short amount of time.
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