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posted 2/7/2011 by Dan Keener
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As gaming consoles become integrated into virtually every corner of your living space, the demands for better audio continue to be felt. The problem is that a console is just as likely to be in the family room as it is a child’s bedroom, dad’s office or the dorm room of your big brother. In order to meet the needs for high-end audio in any application, Polk Audio has brought about a direct successor to the well-received SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater (SB IHT) that we reviewed about a year ago. We were very happy with the performance if the SB IHT and it opened our eyes to how well a bar speaker system can perform in a gaming rig or home theater setup.

Polk’s newest incarnation in the Instant Home Theater lineup is the SurroundBar 6000 IHT (SB 6000) and it appears Polk was able to take a great product in the SB IHT and make it even better. Not only were improvements made to all of the things we nitpicked about (no remote, no digital input), Polk also made other areas of the product (design) even better as well.  Unlike the review of the SB IHT that was conducted in a family room setting, tests for the SurroundBar 6000 were performed in more intimate setting such as a home office and master bedroom.

The Specs
 Model  Polk Audio SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater
Total System Watts
SurroundBar Watts
Sub Watts
Frequency Range
Audio Inputs
Audio Outputs
Weight (lbs)
Tweeters Bar
Drivers Bar
Drivers Sub
Dimensions Bar
Dimensions Sub
130w Continuous; 260w Peak
35w x 2
Sub Low end at 40 Hz
On Chassis Command Center
RCA Analog
17.8 lbs system: 8.7 lbs SurroundBar, 9.1 lbs Sub
2 – 13mm Dynamic Balance® Polyimide tweeters
4 - 2-1/2" DB composite fiber stereo bass midrange drivers – shielded
6-1/2” DB composite cone with butyl rubber surround
4" H x 31-3/4” W x 4-5/8" D
10" H x 10-1/4” W x 10-1/4” D
1-year Amp and Electronics; 3-year on speakers, crossover and enclosure

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