posted 6/27/2003 by Bart Skinner
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Now after giving all this information on the game, I do have some major glaring problems with the game.

Who am I and what am I doing here? That’s the first problem. When I’m playing this game, I feel like I don’t have a long-term goal. I mean of course I want to go up in level, but what happens when I get to level 20, which doesn’t take all that long. Since there is no economy or unique items or even penalties for dying (other than additional respawn time), I don’t feel like I need to stay alive.

Another problem with the game is the constant territory struggle. I could work hard all night with a few other squads and lock down a continent and wake up in the morning and it could be all gone. One opposing squad could have hacked all the bases back without any opposition. The only defense bases have while empty are some gun turrets on the corners of the bases, and then they only work if you own an Interlink facility on the continent.

Probably the biggest problem with this game is frame loss. Most people jump in the game without an outfit, which is basically a clan. So if you don’t have any buddies online, the easiest way to see some action is clicking on instant action, which takes you to hot spots on the globe. This is where battles are taking place. The problem with this is the more people that take this course of action, the more people you will have in one area fighting. Your frames take a serious dive when there are more than about 10-15 people on your screen. This makes fighting in big battles almost impossible. Lowering your graphics settings doesn’t seem to help much either. I’m not sure if this could ever be fixed due to the nature of the game.

Well to wrap it up, I think this game could have been much better with some added mechanics to the game. It’s definitely a step forward in gaming as far as the technology used but I just don’t feel compelled to $10/month to continue playing it. It was great playing the beta to get a feel for the game. I think everybody should try the game out, but after about a month of the game, I just got tired of the same old thing.

What's the purpose? The game's OK but after a while you have to wonder what the game has to keep me coming back. It's kind of like reaching your hand into the bottom of one of those Planters Peanut jars just to get that last peanut, it's just not worth it. Until there's a compelling reason, there's not much to keep me paying that monthly fee.

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