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posted 9/16/2010 by John Yan
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When playing Call of Duty: World at War, I turned up the sensitivity to the insane level and I was really enjoying the experience. The only issue I had was when in aiming mode, the sensitivity would slow way below the threshold I would like it to and that’s with the aiming assist turned off. There wasn’t much that you could do so I spent a lot of time in hip firing mode to only aim when I really needed to. Even at the highest sensitivity, I still would’ve liked it to be a little bit faster but that’s the game’s limitation. Still, I enjoyed a higher level of control using the mouse in this game for the most part and the keyboard seemed to work great as I was able to move around without issues and hold down keys to pick up weapons.

With MAG, the experience wasn’t that enjoyable. Having the sensitivity turned all the way up, I still found the mouse to be really slow. Even without aiming down the barrel of the gun, I found the mouse look to lack the speed compared to Call of Duty. I found myself playing a little worse with the mouse in MAG than I would with the controller. It didn’t seem to offer improved precision the mouse provided here nearly as much as Call of Duty did. The keyboard, again, worked great and I didn’t have issues with movement or action such as holding down a button to plant a charge or resupply.

One issue that did come to mind was games that use the Sixaxis feature, such as Resistance 2. If there’s a game that relies on the ability to shake or move the controller, you’re pretty much out of luck here. I thought about a way to handle this but the only thing I can think of is for a way to map some general Sixaxis movements to some keys. Then again, you’re talking about a good amount of keys since you can move the controller in a three-dimensional space as well as rotating it so that might not be a good solution.

While I don’t have an extensive category of games to test on on the PlayStation 3, the few that I played had its ups and downs with how well the setup worked. The Eagle Eye worked a lot better than past products I used on other systems but again, the games are what’s limiting the full potential of using this product. I’m hoping Penguin United continues to refine the Eagle Eye and add some updates here and there. For $60, it’s a little bit expensive but for those that enjoy playing FPS using a mouse and keyboard, it’s a pretty good solution depending on the game. Hopefully, the community can help with putting out which titles work great and what doesn’t as well as provide some good profiles to use. Now, I’d love to see developers create some options that will let users of products like this to customize their controls even further, but I have a feeling that we won’t see this one the console side of things.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

It works as advertised but some of the games prevent it from working to its full potential. Compatibility seems to be with keyboards and mice that aren't too exotic. Depending on the game, the Eagle Eye Converter can provide a higher level of precision for those using it.

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