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posted 9/14/2006 by Charles Husemann
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Platforms: PC
Pacific Storm looks to be a little different than the usual WWII RTS game that CDV produces as you actually get to take control of the units yourself.  This way you can't blame the AI when they screw something up.  Here's the official blurb from CDV:

An exciting new hybrid title, Pacific Storm mixes the strategic elements of RTS titles with the action of an arcade title. RTS fans will enjoy classic strategy elements including resource management, unit and building construction and unit deployment, while action fans will be happy to take the skies or seas as they directly control units in intense combat. It's like getting two fantastic WWII titles for the price of one!

Key features
- Engaging WWII action in the Pacific combat theater, viewable in both a strategic map and tactical battleground mode
- Classic RTS elements such as technology research, unit development and deployment combined with gripping white-knuckle player-controlled combat action
- Huge variety of historically inspired units with focus on naval and air units, including bombers, fighters, battleships, aircraft carriers and other power hitters of the Japanese and U.S. Pacific fleets
- Multiplayer LAN gameplay supports both action and tactical play
- Beautifully rendered landscapes and bodies of water provide stunning backdrops for both in-flight and on-the-ground action
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