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posted 12/17/2010 by Jeremy Duff
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One Page Platforms: PS3
All of these gameplay mechanics create an incredibly fast paced and twitch-action experience that keeps players on the edge of their seat the entire time. You will put all of these to use over the course of a variety of gameplay modes including score attack, time trials, and ghost comb courses. These modes are exactly as they sound; score attack requires players to accumulate the highest score possible in either 5- or 10-minute intervals. Time trial gives players set amounts of time to complete mazes under benchmark times, which are added up on each level for a cumulative score that players are graded upon. The other mode, which is new to the series, is ghost combo which gives players a set amount of time to rack up the largest streak of eaten blue ghosts. The ghost combo mode plays completely on the new, and core, gameplay mechanic of DX in terms of stacking up as big of a line of ghosts as possible before consuming your power pellet(s).

The joy of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX lies in its leaderboard support and the replay value that it generates. The true value of the game lies in the competition that is bred amongst players and friends on the leaderboards. Every aspect of the game is tracked on the high score trackers which can be sorted in various ways. In addition to tracking every aspect and score of your game, DX allows you to view replays of the top scores on the leaderboards in order to help you learn new techniques and methods to playing the game. The result is a very old school feel that brings back the competition that many remember from the classic arcade scene when high scores were everything. It was a simpler time and the competition was seriously fierce. DX brings that atmosphere back in a major way and will likely breed some serious competition between you and your friends who are playing the game.

DX gives you a ton of customization options to cater your game to your liking, including the selection of a wide variety of visual styles. Players can choose between a wide variety of visual and character styles which span the timeline of Pac-Man form the classic arcade look to updated, neon / HD visuals. You can also choose from a variety of tracks for your background music, though all have a fast paced, techno feel to them. The game randomly selects a style, both visually and audibly, at the start of each match, so the look and feel is different with every match. This is a nice feature, but I would like to see a means of selecting a static visual style as there are a few that I prefer over others. Unfortunately, the only means that you have of doing this is to set the options to your favorite setting prior to each and every round. Its a small complaint, but honestly nothing major that will concern most gamers.

I think that Namco has created an amazing package in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Somehow, someway, they have managed to completely reinvent the series while still maintaining the charm of the original. DX mixes everything that was great about the classic gaming and arcade scene in terms of the generated competition and focus on score and performance with sleek visuals and fast paced action prominent in the current generations of games. I highly recommend the game to anyone who even remotely enjoys Pac-Man as this is a serious treat for gamers of all ages.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is an incredible game, from top to bottom. Namco has managed to blend flashy, high definition visuals of the new generation with all of the fun and challenge of the original. Priced at only $10 on either platform (XBLA or PSN), this package is an excellent deal with its wide variety of modes and infinite replay value. Don’t just buy yourself a copy, convince your friends to do the same and let the leaderboard wars begin.

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