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posted 11/18/2004 by Dave Gamble
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If the arcade mode gets old, Sega has also included some new challenges. In the arcade mode, these are primarily made up of a combination of head-to-head AI races and token gathering. For example, in Heart Attack you have to collect enough of the hearts floating on the track to please your high strung female passenger. In Time Attack, beat the clock to please your nagging female passenger. Notice a common theme here? Yeah, nothing is perfect – you’re driving your dream car as fast as you want in a consequence free environment, but you still gotta deal with the “better half” nagging you the whole way.


Beyond the arcade mode challenges, Sega has added 101 more tasks in Challenge Mode. These are very similar to the arcade mode challenges in that they typically require you to slide for extended periods, collect tokens or remain in defined lanes on the track, or outrun AI cars. Meeting all of the challenges unlocks the next level. As the levels get more complex, you will be tasked with dealing with a combination of the various challenges in a single session. That will require quick thinking and fast reaction times on the higher levels.

And finally, if you want to race against a human opponent, there is Xbox Live multiplayer available. You can race against up to eight other players, compare your high scores to rankings from players around the world, and download ghost cars to race against.

If you’re nostalgic for the good old days of arcade racers, OutRun2 will certainly deliver a great taste of the past. Be aware, however, that OutRun2 is very loyal to its ancestry, so if you’re expecting all the latest bells and whistles in a console racer, you will be disappointed.

Sega has brought the old classic OutRun into the 21st century with the release of OutRun2. Tons of fun, but that nagging girl is still along for the ride.

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