Optoma GT720


posted 6/24/2010 by Dan Keener
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Just to be upfront, I am a sucker for a piano gloss finish on any product, so the GT720 and its brilliant black look already was a winner in my book. However, it is more than just the finish on any product that makes it aesthetically pleasing. Button placement, back panel layout, venting and sight lines play a big part. For the GT720, it is a very compact and graceful looking projector. The buttons and controls are all top mounted and slightly raised for easy access, yet it doesn’t take away from the look and feel of the projector.

The back panel sports an HDMI, VGA, composite and other inputs, but is laid out in a clean and orderly fashion with lots of space between connections. The bottom panel has three adjustable feet, access panels to the projector, the product information tag, mounting threads and a spot to attach a locking cable. As for the front and sides, they are dominated with the grooved design, vents and the lens on the front right. Pretty standard, but nothing that looks awkward unless you count the large rubber lens cap that dangles when not affixed.

Part of the GT720’s allure to me is how Optoma utilized grooving on the sides and back to serve as both a design feature as well as venting for the projector. It looks pleasing to the eye, but it also provide for excellent air flow and a reduced dependence on fans for venting. Overall, the GT720 provides a very modern look with excellent functionality into its layout and design.

The remote for the GT720 is a bit of a mystery. It is basic in nature, but it appears to have redundant buttons and controls that do not follow basic button mapping or common sense. While it sports a directional pad with Up, Down, Right, Left and Enter buttons in the center of it, you do not actually use it to navigate around the menu. Below them are a secondary set of buttons that have similar labels, but are smaller and less descriptive that provide the majority of the menu navigation on the unit. It simply felt awkward to use, especially with standard navigation buttons sitting their idle. If I had one major complaint about the Optoma GT720, this would probably be it.

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