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posted 6/24/2010 by Dan Keener
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Most of my hardware reviews during the course of the year are spawned out of visit during the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January. During CES 2010, my visit with Optoma provided a pleasant surprise, as they were bringing out a full lineup of gaming specific products called the GameTime Projectors. There are three models, including the GT360, GT700 and the flagship GT720. The gaming community hasn’t seen a dedicated mainstream gaming projector on the market since Panasonic discontinued its line after the PT-AX200U so we were quite eager to get our hands on the Optoma GT720 to see how well it will meet gamers’ needs.

The Specs

Out of the Box
As I unboxed the Optoma GT720, I was very shocked to find how much care the company puts into protecting their product. Not only was the finish covered with a film to protect against scratches, but the chassis comes wrapped in a soft foam sleeve, encased in a plastic “air shell” all of which is tucked inside the travel backpack. With the box included, there are five layers of protection from the point the projector leaves the factory until it arrives safely in your home or business. All of these make the GT720 far and away the best packed and protected projector I have had the opportunity to review.

In addition, the box also contains the remote, manual, power cable, install disk, VGA to Component adapter, assorted literature, warranty cards and the aforementioned backpack. Speaking of the backpack, it is made of high-quality material, Optoma Branded and is perfect for carrying around the GT720 if you want to take it on the road.
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