posted 5/5/2005 by Tyler Sager
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One Page Platforms: PS2
Aside from the clichéd plot, the bland puzzles, and the less-than-stellar combat, the rest of the game is quite good. The school looks great, although why any parents would allow their children to attend such a run-down institution is beyond me. Still, there’s enough spooky lighting and odd camera angles to keep everything just a little off-balance. The camera itself is fixed, which comes with the usual problems of not being able to see everything I’d like, but it was done reasonably well. Combat suffered a bit from monsters attacking from offscreen a little too often, but that’s a minor problem compared with the rest of the combat quirkiness. The sound effects and music were great, probably the best part of the game. Odd noises, growls, and occasional screams set the mood perfectly. The music was well timed, appropriately changing with the action onscreen. The voice work would have been good, if the actors had anything of quality to work with. The dialogue itself was cheesy, jarring, and soon repetitive.

There is a two player mode available for play, and aside from some slight control and camera issues, it ads a rather enjoyable element to the very short game. Alone or with a friend, ObsCure will run around 5 hours, much shorter on replay. There are a few extras to unlock with repeated plays, for those so inclined.

Overall, ObsCure just didn’t win me over to the survival horror genre. The puzzles were too easy, the combat too clunky, and the plot was a rehash of a generic B-grade movie. I didn’t end up disliking the game, but I couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for it, either. Perhaps those fans who just can’t get enough of the genre will gain some amusement out of this title, especially at the budget-priced offering.

A bland, budget-priced survival horror game. There are some interesting twists, with two-character teams a 2-player co-op mode available, but it’s just not enough to win me over.

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