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posted 4/28/2009 by Sean Colleli
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The Wing’s one disadvantage, due to being wireless, is that it needs its own set of batteries, two triple-A’s to be exact. The receiver is draining the Wii remote’s power too, so you’re effectively eating two battery sources at once, but Nyko has implemented a decent solution to this. You can put your own rechargeable AAA’s into the Wing and charge them via USB; the Wing has a mini-USB slot between its grips, so in addition to buying Ni-MH batteries you’ll need to get a mini-USB to USB cable, but it’s a better option than chewing through a pack of regular AAA’s every months. Still, with the Wing’s $30 price tag it would have been nice for them to throw the cable in too.

As for draining the remote’s batteries, well, the CC does that too so it’s not like it’s a con for the Wing. I don’t want to sound like a Nyko salesman but if your remotes are burning through double-A’s I’d suggest buying the Nyko Wii Chargestation, one of the best remote charge solutions on the market.

The Wing does have some competition that I have to take into account. Thrustmaster introduced their T-Wireless last year at 10 bucks cheaper than the Wing. It’s a good little controller (a bit too small, actually), but it’s really more of a third party GameCube pad and not a dedicated VC controller like the Wing, so the Wing is a more comfortable fit for classic gaming. Nintendo is releasing the Classic Controller Pro sometime later this year, but it’s basically the old CC with a beefier design and a different shoulder button layout. It’s also still corded, which makes the Wing superior to the CC Pro before it even launches.

It’s kind of a tough choice between the T-Wireless and the more expensive Wing, but if you’re already covered for GameCube controllers and you still need a VC solution, the Wing is the best choice. With its wireless ability, ergonomic design and recharging capacity the Wing is really the best standalone Classic Controller alternative on the market right now, and will be for the foreseeable future. Don’t wait around for Nintendo to release the Classic Controller Pro; it’s frankly a waste of money and an embarrassment that it still isn’t wireless. For your Virtual Console needs, Nyko has you covered with the Wing.

Nyko’s Wing is far and away superior to Nintendo’s Classic Controller in every respect, and looks to be better than the as-yet unreleased Classic Controller Pro. I wish they included a USB cable and some rechargeable batteries in the package, but the option to recharge is nice to have anyway. If you’re in need of a good controller for your Virtual Console games, get the Wing.

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