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posted 5/24/2006 by Charles Husemann
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GamingNexus: One of the great things about Night Watch was the unique art style and the strong visual imagery.  Are you going to try and bring that same style to the game or are you going to do something different?  What kind of issues are you running into trying to adapt that look to the game?

Dmitri Zakharov: The movie definitely featured its own visual style which we feel was one of the main reasons for its success. However, in our visualization of the Watches universes Nival Interactive focused on the magic attributes of the Others’ lives and surroundings. For example, the Gloom – that Other layer of reality filled with magic where Others fight using their special abilities. In the movie, the Gloom was the dark combat area filled with mosquitoes and the audience was exposed to deep emotions of the actors. In the game the Gloom is represented more in Lukyanenko’s style – a powerful substance that exists parallel to our world. The Gloom strengthens the power of the Others while draining the player’s magic energy (or if none left, the vital energy). The more time you spend in the Gloom, the more energy you lose. So in the game we tried to present the Gloom as powerful and meaningful as it is in the universe of Others, basing our visualization on the descriptions in the books. The Gloom transforms the appearance of our world, making it all colorless and sluggish.

We also paid close attention to the spells. The movie characters did not use them very much, despite magic power being the main difference between Others and common people. And while the director of the movie tried to show his characters in real life, we are trying to let the player feel the power of an Other. J The game features over 70 spells and special abilities and we made them vivid and colorful with amazing magical effects!

Other than that the style of the game is close to the visual style of the movie – for instance, the action takes place in winter so the landscapes would have the some general coloring as the movie. The locations are done in the realistic style, also referencing to the movie.

GamingNexus: One of the central themes of the movie is that the Others get to choose between the Light and the Dark, will gamers get to make that choice in the game? 

Dmitri Zakharov: No, as the game called Night Watch, the player is on Night Watch duty and he protects the case of Light. However, this choice is important for Others and we paid attention to it in our story. But we suggest you find out the details by yourself when you play the game. No spoilers here.

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