Next Generation AV upgrades you didn't know you needed


posted 9/22/2006 by Dan Keener
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Platforms: PS3 360
(This is Part One in a three-part series of articles on little known accessories that will enhance the Next Generation console experience.)
As each generation of Gaming Consoles find there way into homes, their advanced capabilities continue to stretch the limits of consumer's entertainment equipment.  Starting with the Xbox 360 and continuing to the Playstation 3, the "Next-Gen" consoles have arrived, sporting everything from networking capabilities to Hi-Definition output.  As a result, the gaming hub of the player's household needs to become more flexible and accommodate the demands placed on it.  In this series of articles, I will discuss three little known accessories that can and will enhance your gaming experience to handle the next gen consoles.
The first item we will look at is a manual HDMI switch from Daewoo.
Product: Daewoo HDMI Link 2-Channel HDMI Manual Switcher
Model:  IN-TS10063
Approximate cost: $110 - $130
For many people that purchased a Hi-Definition television between 2003-2006, a HDMI port could usually be found somewhere on the television.  Unfortunately, the majority of these TVs only had one port.  Now, most HD components including cable boxes, satellite receivers, up convert and HD DVD players as well as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (near future) will all support HDMI output.
There is a simply solution to the quandary of only one HDMI input, and it isn't to buy a new TV.  By investing in the Daewoo Manual HDMI switcher, anyone can quickly double their HDMI inputs.  Although a bit on the pricy side with retail cost approximately $130, it sure beats spending a $1,000 plus to buy a Home Theater receiver that supports HDMI switching.
The switch is HDCP compliant and will pass through all HD signals including 1080p.  Made from metal and sturdy plastic, the exterior is beefy enough to handle even excessive use.
The Skinny
This simple solution can quickly give you the HDMI inputs that you need to support multiple devices.  Although price may be a deterrent, comparable units can cost up to 5 times as much.
Supports all HD resolutions (including 1080p)
HDCP Compliant
Sturdy Construction
Manual Switch
Only available for 2 Inputs
The Daewoo source selector can be found at Best Buy and other online retailers.

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